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A Book a Day at TMS

woman sitting against pillows reading
A goal for 2020-21 is to read or listen to a book every school day. Check back here daily to see what Ms. Zeitler shares.  If you'd like to hear the book: log-in to Ms. Zeitler's google classroom and find the video there under the Book A Day classroom tab.  At the end of the year you can say you read 180 books!
Thursday, August 20 Friday, August 21
Oldest student book cover
 book cover
Monday, August 24 Tuesday, August 25 Wednesday, August 26 Thursday, August 27 Friday, August 28
boy looking at an ant with a magnifying glass squid girl crawling up steps child with mouth wide open MLK looking into distance
Monday, August 31 Tuesday, September 1 Wednesday, Sept. 2 Thursday Sept. 3 Friday, Sept. 4
machine to check vision a park with walking paths man holding a baton Statue of Liberty's right foot boy wearing football uniform and helmet
Tuesday, Sept. 8 Wednesday, Sept. 9 Thursday, Sept. 10 Friday, Sept. 11
Rube Goldberg machine bear cub holding onto persons boot woman wearing blue hijab New York City skyline with Twin Towers
Monday, Sept. 14 Tuesday, Sept. 15 Wednesday, Sept. 16 Thursday, Sept. 17 Friday, Sept. 18
African sunset child painting a dot mother holding child Carlos Santana HIspanic soldiers
Monday, Sept. 21 Tuesday, Sept. 22 Wednesday, Sept. 23 Thursday, Sept. 24 Friday, Sept. 25
book cover hispanic girl hispanic woman standing in front of an ocean Hispanic man sliding into home base female astronaut floating in space
Monday, Sept. 28 Tuesday, Sept. 29 Wednesday, Sept. 30 Thursday, Oct. 1 Friday, Oct. 2
woman holding a microphone back of woman walking up steps man and woman holding up their hand peoples faces six children holding book bags and books
Monday, Oct. 5 Tuesday, Oct. 6 Wednesday, Oct. 7 Thursday, Oct. 8 Friday, Oct. 9
mexican folklorico dancers globe with houses around the outside boy under a tree woman green parrots
Wednesday, Oct. 14 Thursday, Oct. 15 Friday, Oct. 16
man man and skeletons frida kahlo painting
Monday, Oct. 19 Tuesday, Oct. 20 Wednesday, Oct. 21 Thursday, Oct. 22 Friday, Oct. 23
girl with a red head scarf city in the past animated human skull monopoly game board boy kicking a soccer ball
Monday, Oct. 26 Tuesday, Oct. 27 Wednesday, Oct. 28 Thursday, Oct. 29 Friday, Oct. 30
two girls in dessert man holding a plate of nachos man playing saxophone two girls facing each other in front of a moving truck cartoon rabbit screaming
Monday, Nov. 2 Tuesday, Nov. 3 Wednesday, Nov. 4 Thursday, Nov. 5 Friday, Nov. 6
mother holding child and bowl of fried dough cartoon boy holding a pie woman wearing a black judge's robe and necklaces girl standing in the waves holding a feather cartoon eskimo ice fishing
Monday, Nov. 9 Tuesday, Nov. 10 Wednesday, Nov. 11 Thursday, Nov. 12 Friday, Nov. 13
man in uniform standing with arms out man in uniform table with a white cloth on top ballerina tying her ballet shoes boy
Monday, Nov. 16 Tuesday, Nov. 17 Wednesday, Nov. 18 Thursday, Nov. 19 Friday, Nov. 20
man holding football American Indian in a canoe American Indian in a canyon American Indians in a circle cartoon turkey lying on a platter
Monday, Nov. 30 Tuesday, Dec. 1 Wednesday, Dec. 2 Thursday, Dec. 3 Friday, Dec. 4
Gingerbread cookie with a spoon in hand black woman looking out the window with a police officer yelling in her ear back window of a car with the silhouette of a dog in the rearview window man taking a picture with an old fashioned camera old man holding the reigns of a brown horse
Monday, Dec. 7 Tuesday, Dec. 8 Wednesday, Dec. 9 Thursday, Dec. 10 Friday, Dec. 11
view from above of an airplane flying over a coastline open mouth showing bottom teeth a llama looking type animal African woman in colorful dress and headdress sitting amongst the trees mountain and mule in front of mountains
Monday, Dec. 14 Tuesday, Dec. 15 Wednesday, Dec. 16 Thursday, Dec. 17
front of the White House two soldiers standing on either side of a Christmas tree blue background with candy cane dog flying above a city covered with snow
Wednesday, Jan 6 Thursday, Jan. 7 Friday, Jan. 8
large brick wall with an egg on top light beige cover with a black and white sunflower seed with a face young girl pulling a wagon with metal and wood in it
Monday, Jan. 11 Tuesday, Jan. 12 Wednesday, Jan. 13 Thursday, Jan. 14 Friday, Jan. 15
small pictures of the signers of the Declaration of Independence elephants crossing the Brooklyn Bridge woman with hijab standing among stacks of books profile of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the scales of justice woman standing in front of 4 couture gowns
Tuesday, January 19 Wednesday, January 20 Thursday, January 21 Friday, January 22
martin luther king jr and anne frank facing each other two girls walking a dog boy riding his bike facial profile of Kamala Harris
Monday, January 25 Tuesday, January 26 Wed. January 27 Thursday, January 28 Friday, January 29
little girl holding out a basket to a colorful smiling monster girl in a desert with water jar on her head Frank Lloyd Wright multi-level house Blue background with an eagle sitting on the title, large mammoth bones lying on sand and cartoon Thomas Jefferson looking through a telescope a foot on a tightrope with the view of skyscrapers, highways, water from above
Monday, February 1 Tuesday, February 2 Wed., February 3 Thursday, February 4 Friday February 5
African American boy sitting on a box African American boy reading a newspaper African American girl in foreground. Rocketship in background Head shot of Aretha Franklin African American boy hugging a newspaper
Monday, February 8 Tuesday, February 9 Wednesday, Feb. 10 Thursday, February 11 Friday, February 12
African American ballerina tying her ballet shoes African American Man with glasses, wearing a suit standing in front of a chalkboard, next to a globe red  background with African American woman wearing a black dress smiling African American boy holding a squirt gun profiles of 3 women on a yellow background
Tuesday, February 23 Wednesday, February 24 Thursday, February 25 Friday, February 26
African American man spinning a basketball on his fingertip African American woman standing in front of Congress African American man against night sky African American child against red backdrop
Monday, March 1 Tuesday, March 2 Wednesday, March 3 Thursday, March 4 Friday, March 5
African American boy playing a trombone African American woman wearing a coat holding a pie woman with a lizard on her head woman swimming Picture of Ruth Bader Ginsberg in her black robe and "dissent" collar
Monday, March 8 Tuesday, March 9 Wednesday, March 10 Thursday, March 11 Friday, March 12
waves in the ocean woman with a shark Woman playing tennis in a full stadium dark cover with girl from long ago with planets above her head Woman on skis next to a dog climbing a snow covered mountain
Monday, March 22 Tuesday, March 23 Wednesday, March 24 Thursday, March 25 Friday, March 26
dark cover with girl looking into space girl with long blonde hair running girl with brown hair in position in runners block African American woman giving peace sign girl riding a bicycle on a hill
Monday, March 29 Tuesday, March 30 Wednesday, March 31 Thursday, April 1
Girl in dress walking in alleyway in front of people with the Star of David armbands Colorful cover with a cartoon girl with pigtails sitting on steps with an open book and an open doctor's valise woman in pants and yellow sweater looking into the top of an old fashioned camera with tripod next to her half black and white, half color. Woman's face with dangling diamond earring and a movie reel. Colored side: shirt with pencil in breast pocket and charts and graphs behind her
Monday, April 5 Tuesday, April 6 Wednesday, April 7 Thursday, April 8 Friday, April 9
Yellow cover with red wording Book cover Title with famous African Americans cartoon woman on a high rise building welding metal Boy playing a trumpet
Monday, April 12 Tuesday, April 13 Wednesday, April 14 Thursday, April 15 Friday, April 16
boy running up a mountain Book Cover girl staring out at night sky African American girl profile Garbage swirling in water
Monday, April 19 Tuesday, April 20 Wednesday, April 21 Thursday, April 22 Friday, April 23
woman planting a tree in sand A loggerhead sea turtle swimming in the ocean Barge filled with Trash Title and the Earth Rowboat in the middle of ocean with plastics floating in water
Monday, April 26 Tuesday, April 27 Wednesday, April 28 Thursday, April 29 Friday, April 30
Colorfully dressed woman in sandals bending down to pick up plastic bag Turtle hatchlings heading out to sea Sea otter Cartoon girl stirring a large pot Green cover with children
Monday, May 3 Tuesday, May 4 Wednesday, May 5 Thursday, May 6 Friday, May 7
woman bending down to talk to child in a rain jacket cartoon ship captain on a cartoon ship filled with garbage Teacher standing at classroom door black spot with school desk near classroom filled with desks
Monday, May 10 Tuesday, May 11 Wednesday, May 12 Thursday, May 13 Friday, May 14
Woman in a baseball dugout Doctor looking at children standing in a line Faded out cover. Young girl sitting on the ground Grafitti on cover. Asian man and a food truck Large tidal wave
Monday, May 17 Tuesday, May 18 Wednesday, May 19 Thursday, May 20 Friday, May 21
Tiger with butterfly on its head Woman with red dress standing behind girl in orange dress Title in neon with top half of man's head on bottom boy sitting on table surrounded by other young boys looking at him man leaning against a billboard
Monday, May 24 Tuesday, May 25 Wednesday, May 26 Thursday, May 27
green cover with woman's head in the middle. pictures stemming out from head brick wall with ogre reaching over man driving motorcycle with child in sidecar tired teacher sitting in empty classroom