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Welcome to the TMS Library Learning Center!    Click here to access our library catalog.
If you need help finding a book please let me, Ms. Zeitler, or one of the library aides know and we'd be happy to help. Please read below for library arrangement and policies.  I welcome book suggestions! If you have any please fill out the form on the main page.
2017-18 Library Staff
Ms. Zeitler: Library Media Specialist
Library Arrangement
In our library, non-fiction books (information books) have call numbers.  Each set of call numbers correspond to a topic area.  For example, books on space are in the 500s, animals are in the 600s, sports are in the 700s.   Sometimes the numbers get more specific and will follow the first three digits with subsequent numbers.    The call number is then followed by the first three letters of the authors last name. Non-fiction books are arranged along the outside wall of the library.
Fiction books are arranged by a combination of genre and Dewey Decimal system. Books are first separated into genres. Our genres include: Quick Reads (picture books), Classics, Realistic, Historical, Animal, Sports, Humor, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Action/Adventure, Mystery and Scary/Horror. Within each genre, books are then arranged by the first three letters of the author's last name. For example, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. by J. K. Rowling would have the spine label, "FANTASY FIC ROW".
Magazines and New books are located in the reading area.
Battle of the Books titles are located on the shelves behind the circulation desk.
Library Policies
  • Students may have up to two (2) books at a time (given there are no outstanding fines or substantially overdue books)
  • Books are checked-out for two (2) weeks
  • Books may be renewed if you bring them in for renewal and there are no holds placed on the book
  • You may place a hold on a book using................................................
  • When you come in to the library please sign in and show me your pass
  • Students are welcome to use the computers for school use. 
  • Violation of the Computer Use Agreement will result in a loss of library computer privileges and a possible referral