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Welcome to Learning Strategies
About Me:
My name is Mrs. Upton.  I am a recent graduate of Texas State University (YAHOO!!), and I'm really excited about this school year and this new class; Learning Strategies.  I've been married for 16 years, and my husband and I have 3 great children; our 15yr old son, our 13yr old daughter, and our 3 year old son. My life is kind of fast paced with two teens and a tot, but I do enjoy watching Grey's Anatomy (can't wait for the new season to start). 
I've worked in education in different capacities for 12 years, and I absolutely love what I do.  The feeling you get when you've helped a student reach their potential, or when their light bulb goes off when they understand something that they've struggled with, or they realize in themselves what you've already seen in them, is irreplaceable.  That is why I love my job!
I look forward to a great year!