Robert Ballard » Introductions


Hello parents and students of Taylor, TX! My name is Mr. Robert S. Ballard and I am very excited to have the opportunity to teach in your amazing community this year. Students often express regret on just how quickly the summer seems to have sped by when looking back over it at this time of year. Though a quickly planned and executed move across country has left me feeling pretty sympathetic to this viewpoint at the moment, it's still important for us all to remember that no matter how much fun we may have had over the last couple of months, it just can't measure up to the excitement of starting a brand new school year.
I wanted to provide a quick background on who I am and on where I have come from for anyone who might be a little bit curious. I was born in Paris, TX in 1980, where my family lived until my father's job prompted a relocation to Cooperstown in upstate New York. Shortly afterward, I got the notion in my head to do everything in my power to get back to Texas as soon as possible. In 1999, I achieved this goal when I moved to Austin in order to start my first year of study at the University of Texas.
After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2004, I began work on my first career of television production. I spent the next six years working as a technician at a couple of Austin TV stations, starting with the early show at KEYE (CBS 42) and later moving downtown to work at KTBC (FOX 7). Towards the end of this period, having decided on pursuing a more personally fulfilling course of work, I began studying toward my Master's degree in Education at St. Edward's University in south Austin.
Though a combination of work and family concerns initially took me up to Washington state for a few years after graduation, I have now returned to central Texas. I am super excited to be back and feel at home in a way that I have been missing for quite a while now. The landscape, the climate and (most importantly) the people have all been a welcome return.
I can't wait to meet and get to know all of you as the next year unfolds. I am sure it will be an amazing experience for everyone involved!