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Welcome to 7th & 8th grade Art Class! I am starting my fourth year of teaching Art at a secondary level and my second year here at Taylor Middle School. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Howard Payne University in Art Education.

I am pleased to be your son/daughter's art teacher this Semester! I look forward to a rewarding Semester as we explore various techniques, artists, media, art history, and subjects in art. Students will focus on the basic skills in art: elements/principles of design, drawing, painting, mixed media, and printmaking. Art is taught progressively, starting at this level they are in basic skills of drawing. Each skill is meant to build on the previous skill in some way. Creativity, originality, neatness, design or composition, and expression are encouraged in all works of art.

I teach from the prospective that all of us are creative beings, though not necessarily creating in the same way. I have high expectations for each student but I recognize that all of us learn, create, and express ideas in a different ways. I encourage students to seek their own unique creative mode and to interpret ideas in ways that most appeal to their own creative nature. Initially, we will focus on some basic skills.

Please be assured that I do not expect students to paint like Rembrandt. It is far more important that they learn to appreciate art and the act of creating! We’re not all painters but we are all creative.

1st period- Art 1 7/8
2nd period - Art 1 7/8
3rd period - Art 1 7/8
4th period - Conference period 11:01-11:49
5th period - Art 2 8
6th period - Art 1 7
7th period - Art 1 7/8
8th period - Art 1 7/8

Please feel free to contact me during my conference period or by my email: