Announcements and Links


Announcements as of 5/26/20:

  • If you are renting an instrument from Karch Music, High School Music, or Better Than New Band Repair, please be sure to get it sent in for summer cleaning/repairs.
  • Most Scents of Soy fundraiser items have been distributed to students. There are a few that did not contact me for a pick up time. Please contact me as soon as possible and I will set up a time to get those picked up.
  • Money raised for the Fiesta Texas trip that got cancelled, will be moved over to next school year's trip.


Here is the Link to our YouTube Channel


Here is a playlist on how to keep your instrument clean while you are at home! Products used do not have to be exact, and please be sure to contact Mrs. Perry before you do ANYTHING to a TISD-owned instrument.