Hello everyone...thank you for visiting our website to find out more information about Taylor Middle School.  TMS hosts all of the 6th, 7th and 8th graders in Taylor ISD.  We have approximately 700 students and 80 staff members.  We are a diverse campus with students from many different economic, ethnic and language backgrounds.  We believe our diversity is what makes us the strongest.
TMS staff members believe in our district vision to be the 'district of choice' for families in central Texas.  Our staff works hard each day to provide the best possible learning environment for students to ensure all students will be successful.  The community and TMS staff will continue to partner together with an intense focus on making Taylor Middle School the place everyone wants to be.
Our vision says that all students will be successful.  In order to reach that vision, we keep a structured environment that supports student academics and behaviors.  Our school expectations center around showing your Duck PRIDE: Punctual, Respectful, Integrity, Disciplined and Excellence.  All of our guidelines for student choices fall under these categories.
Taylor Middle School Core Values
Students First, Data Driven, Goal Setting, High Expectations, Relationship Focused
Taylor Middle School Vision
TMS vision will ensure all students get engaged in learning by providing a positive climate that puts the needs of the students first.
Taylor Middle School Mission
TMS mission is for students to get better each day through targeted support from all staff members working together.
Taylor Middle School Student Motto
Taylor Middle School Students will succeed when they...
Get Here
Get Engaged
Get a Book
Get Better
Taylor Middle School Song
The Green and White shall fly forever,
We soar above through any weather,
We put our hearts in all we do
Ducks will learn, ducks will show in academics we will grow
So in the class or on the field,
We will do what’s right and be a light.
By: Quincy Griffin