Data and Ratings

Taylor Middle School collects and monitors multiple sets of data for students on a regular basis.  Our district and campus mottos guide us to ensure we will focus on student learning and exceed expectations throughout the school year.
Taylor Middle School Motto: TMS Students will succeed when they Get Here, Get Engaged, Get a Book and Get Better.
Taylor ISD District Motto: We will be relentless in the pursuit of educational excellence.
TMS staff members will work diligently to ensure all students are being successful by having high expectations, an intense focus on relationships, and working in teams.  With the support of the parents and community we are committed to being the district and campus of choice for families.
State of Texas Accountability
2018 State Accountability Summary Report
*This is a one page overview of the Campus Accountability Rating, Performance Indexes, Distinction Designations, Campus Demographics and System Safeguards.
2018 State Accountability Data Tables
*This report show how the campus performed on the STAAR assessments across grade levels and subject areas. (PDF is attached below)