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TMS library is a resource for all students and teachers. We subscribe to magazines for learning and personal interest. Books can be checked out in text or e-format. Our goal in the library is for each student to find books they enjoy reading and topics they find interesting. This will create life-long readers and learners. 

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Library Selfies

To post your library selfie from your phone email them to

Include a caption for the subject and your name with the selfie. 

Use Britannica School!
TMS offers Brittanica Online for our students to log on and use the Digital Encyclopedia.

Book Reviews

For every 3 quality book reviews submitted, students receive a prize!

Find the books you want to read in Alexandria.
Follett Shelf Ebooks
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Check out these Grimm brother's tales.
Have a book recommendation? Email me. 
Useful Links:
FictFact- Find the next series book you want to read and get updates when it will be out.
What should I read next?-Match a title you finished with another that you will enjoy reading.
Gale Research Database-Find articles, video, photos, etc. on the topics you want to research.
Easybib- Format your bibliography easily.