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Gifted & Talented Program

2022-2023 GT Program Nomination Information

The GT Nomination window for the 2022-2023 school year is now closed. If you have any questions, please reach out to your student's school counselor.
GT Program Information
The Gifted/Talented Program is designed for students, children, or youth who give evidence of high achievement capability in areas such as intellectual, creative, artistic, or leadership capacity, or in specific academic fields, and who need services and activities not ordinarily provided by the school in order to fully develop those capabilities.
Services are provided only upon identification of education needs of the student.
Anyone wishing to refer a student attending TAYLOR ISD in kindergarten through twelfth grade this school year may do so by filling out the TISD GT Referral Form during the nomination window. 
Please understand that this is a rigorous, time-intensive process.
  1. Teachers/Parents submit a GT Referral Form
  2. Parental Permission Slip must be returned
  3. Parental Inventory of Learning Characteristics must be completed and submitted 
  4. Teacher Inventory of Learning Characteristics must be completed and submitted 
  5. Student Portfolios: will include at least 4 work samples per student, per core class
  6. GT Testing: each student will undergo two intensive testing sessions
  7. GT Committee Determination: staff on this committee will examine all submitted forms/work to determine if students meet the requirements for the GT program
  8. Notification letters go out to parents after the committee meets and makes a determination about eligibility for the GT Program